The Walking Dead: Last Mile – Preview


The preview honors for The Walking Dead: Last Mile went to Gamespot, with veteran staff writer Mark Delaney joining Skybound VP of Creative Shawn Kittelsen and Genvid co-founder and CEO Jacob Navok for an early peek at the product 3+ months prior to launch.

The first outsider to hear and see details of TWD:LM, Delaney was suitably impressed, describing it as “…an intriguing social experiment that comfortably pairs ahead-of-its-time technology with one of the most beloved comic book series in the world.”

Delaney also appreciated allowing The Walking Dead fan base to put its collective brainpower to work in TWD:LM, writing “Whether driven by selfishness, charity, pragmatism, or another vice or virtue, crunching those numbers on a scale akin to Rival Peak’s many millions of viewers feels right at home in The Walking Dead, a series that loves to chew on sociopolitical brain food through the lens of… well, actual brains as food.”

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