The next chapter in The Walking Dead™ saga put the fans in charge.

Discover how millions of fans changed canon forever in The Walking Dead: Last Mile

The Walking Dead: Last Mile is the next big installment in The Walking Dead franchise.

The story was driven by the community made up of Millions of fans from all over the globe. Fans experienced and influenced a constantly evolving coastal Alaskan community through an Instant Game with new story content that was available daily.

Integral to TWD: Last Mile were a series of weekly Interactive Live Streams hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day that was watched by over 50 million people which revealed story details and discussed the impact that fans’ choices had on the story. Together, the live streams and Instant Game delivered a uniquely social form of TWD storytelling, exclusive to Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch.

Millions of fans around the globe influenced the story of The Walking Dead: Last Mile

When the dead rose, Prosper Landing, Alaska found itself isolated. Survivors put their faith in methods both old and new to save their village. Now, with a harsh winter looming and strife fracturing the community, they face a sudden unprecedented danger. Who will survive long enough to face the new threat closing in?

LIVE Interactive Streams:

During the experience, weekly interactive live streams were hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day that revealed new story developments and discussed the aftermath that the community’s decisions had on the story.

The Next Big Chapter in the Walking Dead Saga:​

Fans watched as the drama unfolded daily over several months, as the coastal Alaskan community struggled to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

Change the Walking Dead Forever:

Millions of fans impacted The Walking Dead forever: Everyday fans viewed and interacted with the characters while playing mini-games to build up Influence Points, then bid those points on decisions large and small, impacting the story as it happened. Who lived, who died, was decided by the community.

Create Your Own Survivor:

Millions of participants were able to choose a faction, skill set and create their own survivor, they then sent them on quests to help contribute to the community and build up their influence points. With enough effort, their creation could appear in one of over 400 official cutscenes and be immortalized as part of the official story.

Discover how millions of fans changed canon forever in The Walking Dead: Last Mile

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