Act One Begins Now And The Herd Is Coming


The Walking Dead: Last Mile Act One is now live exclusively on Facebook Watch and Facebook Gaming. The story is heating up (or should we say FREEZING up) as the Villagers and the Plant factions prepare for a harsh Alaskan winter and the imminent arrival of a massive walker herd.

At the end of the story’s Prologue, the death of Dylan rocked the Village community and things are looking grim for the Survivors of Prosper Landing as resources are scarce and tensions between both factions are at a tipping point.

Will the factions band together to face the looming threats, or will tensions reach a boiling point? How will our survivors fare against the impending herd and harsh winter? No one knows, since it is up to you and the community to decide and shape the story and the official Walking Dead canon.

Be a part of the story as it happens. Act One is live now and the story will continue to unfold daily over the span of the next 3 months.

In addition to the riveting story that is unfolding, the launch of Act One also includes a host of new improvements to, and new activities in, the Instant Game. Test your operating skills in the newly added medical triage mini game, take winter head-on in the all-new snow shoveling mini game, influence decisions and outcomes more easily with improved bid impact tracking and catch up on big moments with the new story timeline.

Be sure to tune in on August 22 at 4pm Pacific for our livestream kicking off Act One featuring Yvette Nicole Brown as she highlights and discusses big moments in the Walking Dead: Last Mile story and on Friday August 26th featuring Felicia Day as she plays TWD: LM Instant Game with a special guest.