Act Two is Live: Saltwater Walkers Surface, the Herd Looms and more!


Act Two of The Walking Dead: Last Mile is live and the story is more nail biting than ever as the entire audience continues to shape the story as it unfolds.

At the end of Act One, the relationship between the Plant and Villagers became more strained than ever. A deadly gas rocked the Plant and at the Village, Marlena’s grief and Remi’s souring attitude divides the community. Abe decides to host a potlatch to bring the groups together to improve the relations, but his attempt fails. Now, Villagers are coming down with a mysterious illness, and some critical Plant Workers were kidnapped.

How will the Plant and Villagers of Proposer Landing fair against saltwater walkers, the thawing herd closing in and the harsh winter? Jump into the action and influence the story live as it unfolds exclusively on Facebook Watch and Facebook Gaming.  

In addition to the groundbreaking story, the launch of Act Two also includes new features and improvements in the Instant Game including all-new Survival Mode, Gun Sorting and Weapon Making. Fans will also enjoy a new Bidding system, where players can see how their choices affected the outcome of the story and a Refreshing Timeline to see those choices over the course of the entire narrative.