SILENT HILL: Ascension Post Reveal FAQ with Jacob Navok


On May 30th, Genvid revealed the new trailer for SILENT HILL: Ascension, an interactive streaming series that will go live later this year and is a canonical part of the SILENT HILL universe.

Thrilled by the overwhelming excitement and curious inquiries pouring in, Genvid’s CEO Jacob Navok took to Twitter and unveiled some deeper insights into what to expect from this exciting project.

In Jacob’s Words:

Today @GenvidEnt reveals the new trailer for SILENT HILL: Ascension (SHA), an interactive streaming series rendered real-time, and which will go live later this year as a canonical part of the Silent Hill universe.

The SHA story is about intergenerational trauma. It follows all-new characters from around the world as they confront the horrors they have unleashed. You’ll see terrifying new monsters as the characters are drawn into the darkness by both recent murders and suppressed fears.

*We are proud of our work with Konami Digital Entertainment and the SILENT HILL series team led by the outstanding Motoi Okamoto, as well as with our partners at @bad_robot, @Behaviour, and producer @ballmatthew. We believe fans will love this new, intense, and unforgettable SILENT HILL story.

SHA is not a choose-your-own-adventure series or a video game. Viewers will be tuning in live to save characters who are reacting to the audience’s input in real-time.

The fates of characters are in your hands. There will be only one canonical ending, which is what you, the audience, decide. You can help, hurt, guide, and complete missions and puzzles that affect the mental state of our characters.

SHA’s creators don’t know how it will end, nor can they control this canonical story. Every day is different. With so many characters, each influenced by the audience, there are countless places the story and our characters could go. Some will survive. Others won’t. Can you save them all?

In coming months we’ll unveil more about SHA, including where to watch it, how to engage, and how to be cast into the show too.

*We want to thank @TimSweeneyEpic and Epic Games for helping us improve our work with MetaHuman. You can see in the trailer the power that UE brings to even small teams like ourselves. Every shot in that trailer is in-engine, and will be streamed LIVE.

We also have top-notch talent at Genvid leading the project, including Chief Creative Officer @stephanbugaj (Pixar/Telltale), Creative Director @MartyMong (Riot/Telltale) and Production Director Shiaw-Ling Lai (Wizards of the Coast/Telltale).

There has never been anything like SILENT HILL: Ascension in entertainment before. Genvid has developed bleeding-edge tech and content at the nexus of games and media, blending the two into a new, high-fidelity experience shaped by millions.

Come experience SHA yourself later this year, and participate every day to leave your legacy on the canon of SILENT HILL. And please stay tuned for more news on SILENT HILL: Ascension as well as more incredible, top-tier franchises coming to our interactive streaming platform. We’re excited to unveil the rest of Genvid’s slate soon!

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