A MILE is the best of both.

Live Events

A new form of entertainment
like no other.

Have you ever wanted to influence what happens to your favorite characters while you watch something? If you join a MILE, engage in the community, play games and activities…you can!

Alongside a global community, you impact how things unfold within the worlds of some of your favorite franchises. Best of all, your influence becomes official in the story’s universe and goes down in history forever.


For the first time, you run
the show.

With MILEs, the community decides what happens.

Your engagements earn Influence Points. Use Influence Points to bid on story decisions big and small. You can even spend Influence Points on an official cameo for your virtual self in the experience.

The story’s future is in your hands, literally!


You decide how involved you want to be.

From sitting back and watching it all unfold from afar, to diving in and making crucial decisions that will alter the narrative outcome – you decide how much of an impact you want to have.

It’s All Happening Now.

MILEs are live events, so seize the moment, soak it all in, and become part of something massive and memorable. All you have to do is press play!

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